TAN KY CO., LTD (NEWTEC) is a distributor of control equipment of famous brands in the field of industrial electricity such as Woodward, BAE, TDI, Dynalco, Auto Maskin, ECU, IPU, ATAL and Exclusive Distribution set Relay Protection and control Broyce Control® in Vietnam.

After more than 10 years of operation in the field of providing electrical equipment - automatic electricity for industrial areas, civil together with innovative solutions that have been recognized by the market stability and good operation. Now, TAN KY CO., LTD (NEWTEC) headquarter is located in Go Vap District and a nationwide distribution network.

          In the market economy situation, TAN KY CO., LTD (NEWTEC) has affirmed itself, stood firm and developed in the following areas:

+ Consulting solutions: providing technical solutions in the field of Electrical - Automatic electricity, technology and package system integration in the field of generator control (gen-set control), control switch source (ATS control), synchronous harmonic control (synchoronize control) ensures reliability, stable and continuous power, ..

+ Trade:

1- Genuine Exclusive Distributor of Relay Devices Protecting and controlling Broyce Control® in Vietnam market

 2 - Distributor of Wooward equipment: Generator controller EasyGen 400, 600, 800 (Genset controller), Transmitter controller with functions ATS EasyGen 1400, 1600, 1700, 1800 (ATS controller), Ministry Charge smart battery BAE (Auto smart charger battery), Synchronous controller EasyGen 2300, 2500, 3200XT, 3500XT (Synchoronize controller), Automatic switching device (ATS), Electrical cabinets ... v .. v ..

 3 - Other control equipment distributors: famous brands in the field of industrial electricity such as BAE, TDI, Dynalco, Auto Maskin, ECU, IPU, ATAL, ...

In executive management, the Company always pays attention to strengthening the quality of staff and employees, constantly improving, promoting the efficiency of professional management and training the staff of employees and technical staff. art. With the progress and achievements in the past years, TAN KY CO., LTD (NEWTEC) with the criterion "Customer trust is our success". Our products are imported 100% from EU countries, Singapore and 12 months warranty.